Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 9 (The Book Thief)

Admonished(pg:290): To reprove gently but earnestly, To remind of something forgotten or disregarded

Inconspicuous(pg:293): Not readily noticeable or just invisible.

"Liesel kissed Rudy steiner, what was she thinking?! The whole world was in his hand." Which is a metaphor for the whole world was in his hand. Like the setting is doing some unrelated action in his mind. "They crept forward leaning down on the hard wooden floor as the floor creaked like a small toad, krruuu kee..." That is an Onomonopeia example of hearing sound written down in a book. "Rudy had lost his dealings with Viktor, He was shirtless and covered in Manure. He had smelled like dog crap." This is a simile that the kids watches Rudy's odor as they were pushed in Cow filth.

" We have to steal something, I need a win Liesel" This is significant to me because, some kids see Liesel as kind of queen of stealing sometimes or kind of like a boy to himmel street.

"Thievery truely comes from the ones in most need." for a theme of the Book Thief since kids grow up stealing only because they have too not because they want too. That they strive to work together to obtain food and form gangs.

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