Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 7 (The Book Thief)

Peculiar(pg:270): Unusual or Eccentric, unique, bizarre or special belonging to one person. ("There was a peculiar look on Contentment on Rudy's face.")

Contentment(Pg:270): the state of being contented; satisfaction or ease of mind

"Papa hadn't shaved for a few days and he rubbed the scratchy cat whiskers every two or three minutes." I think this sentence shows a bit personification discribing the father like a cat. Or "She sprayed the words right in front of her eyes" sounded like a metaphorical sentence since it takes one meaning and its representing another meaning that doesnt abnormality happens. From this one The New Arthurberg chapter its starts out like "He had windy hair and cloudy eyes, and he was the kind of deliquent." It kinds of shows imagery on how this boy looks and gives him some metaphor tone with the comparison.

"As temptation rose and her words were sealed, Molching was in a jar." pg:268 This quote is significant because, what you can say to someone could put you in a tight spot or have different outlooks on you. That if you don't have anything good to say don't say it. Especially in WWII times in the German empire.

I'd say "Keep holding onto hope as its immortal" that there always hope for these children in the town of Molching and kids of the himmel neighborhood. That fear and wars would one day end. Since Hitler put all these kids into high hopes of attendence which drive the children to be scared of being rebellious or defualted.

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