Monday, January 14, 2008

Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 4 (The Book thief)

Pg: 208 Character Max Vandenburg "There was a constant urge to speak both expressions, spurred by the affliction of guilt." I picked out this quote due to the theme in book on a jewish point of view hiding in the protagonist basement in the start of the rising action of the book. Being afraid in enemy territory creates a frightening image of a person trying to hide from nazi soldiers and being guilty of being a race that makes the citizens very afraid of him.

My character Liesel Meminger is living with this man to keep him safe. I believe the author put a person who is on the opposing force live with Liesel to make the author think what would her reaction would be. As she gets along with Max she learns from his point of view. She feels pretty bad for his betrayal by the nazis' as he grew getting bet on for his fist fights with people and his family forced to be cast away into labor camps. As Liesel in the book already hated the Empire she lives in as she was kind of the same as he was. Since she was left on Hans Hubermans front door as her mom was taken away. The author shows the reader on not to be biased or discrimitive to people just because, what the major majority of the population would say. But, then again Max's story is that he was always a poor fighter at birth and he thought to be very scary tall and known to injure people. Liesel see's him more of a gentle man who doesn't want to hurt her or not to be a killer, he is very gentle and kind to them. As the author shows very strong discription of Max being fierce but show his true emotions as he meets other people as a friendly person. This kinda shows not to judge a book by it's covers.

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