Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 3 (The Book Thief)

Temptation: Act of tempting enticement or allurement. (on page 192) "The family watched each other. There was a great temptation to scatter into the other rooms, but apprehension is the strangest thing they couldn't move."

Iridescent: Varying in color when seen in lights or different angles. Having a display of lutrous rainbow colors. (on page 199) "The surprising point to make is that is that despite this iridescent fear glowing as it did in the dark, they somehow resisted the urge for hysteria."

-"Between the hand looking holding shadows, the painted words were scattered about, perched on their shoulders, resting on their heads, and hanging from their arms." This is an example of a Metaphor since shows term to show resemblence.

-"The reply floated out from his mouth, then molded itself like a stain to the ceiling." This uses a tone of irony of negative side echoing and a metaphor like sentence.

-"Outside, a mountain of cold November air was waiting at the front door each time Liesel left the house." Shows some form Personification of a breeze having human patience and gestures.

Quote that could describe the book "I'm sorry, there was a constant urge to speak both expressions, spurred on by the affliction of guilt" because, during imperial Germany being a jew or associated with one of them was tough and living in there was stressful. Which in the book jewish literature is burn down and cant be preserved and all of them have to be in intermant camps. This family have to keep quite about helping jews or they will be imprisoned.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Why are there debates?

There are many debates in the world where we have to argue one believe or suggestion against a opposing arguer. To prove there point a person wants to point out a believe or a answer of some sort but, an opposer from the majority of the populace disagrees. Whether this society should support this person's or group person belief, a represent gets in a verbal disscussion with the opposing arguer to prove there point and hopefully ones opinion could get more of the majority of agreements to them proven. Their are many debates in the world such as Evolution theory in schools, Cloning, Abortion, after school prayer, right to die, Global warming issues, Animal rights, Harry potter Books, and many more out there I can list. I would say a debate is structured social argument that two opposing sides can take place in court or law room thinking of the legislative branch. Most debates are believed to be fought because, another opinion is out ruling out the populace and believing it. Kinda like Evolution theory or Religous belief of human creation. This problem has kids growing confused with "Was it a this the humans came to the earth or did we evolve over time." We ask each side is this a Fact, Theory, or belief. We decide which one will rule one out of each person support belief. like "We can have a scientific belief and teach a religon belief and teach them in school." Sometimes debates arguments could resolve peacefully in a conjoined answer. But not every winning debate case is a winner, over past years debates have been made and years later some people go against them. I think debates are good in some ways that we could have one thing or another.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 2 (The Book Thief 2006)

This book is very interesting, wonderful and astonishing in my views. This story reflects a similar to a persons view in history as if it is real. The Book Thief deals with a 10 year old girl that gets adopted by a foster family, the Hubermans in early nazi germany during the 1930's. Liesel which is the main character is pale, skinny and torn apart from facist Germany cruel hateful politics towards ethnic race, religon and superiority to other races. The foster family she resides with her new father Hanns Huberman and her mother Rosa Huberman is a poor family that have two older children that went to invasion of Stalingrad and worked in war factories to support there empire. A family suffering from depression of fear towards the Jewish, people who support them and communists from being obliterated from the earth. Hanns Huberman a polite old man who was suppose to be in the nazi party refused to join since he didn't hated any jews and loves the accordian. Thens there is his wife Rosa Huberman a woman who is high temper and bonks Liesel with a spoon repeatedly but very loved by Liesel. Reminds of Ray's mom from Everybody loves Raymond. Liesel story begins as she goes to school and being able not to read at all nor not that healthy. Since her family is very poor to afford books as gifts, she has an obbsession of noticing every word she hears from peoples conversations and very fond to words and collecting books. A lack of fitting in, her father Hanns who cannot even read much learns how to read with her every night then thats how Liesel is also called the Book thief from the authors writing sometimes studies the changing curve of Germany and gets involves in hating the Fuhrer Hitler. She shows her thoughts how Hitler is more cruel than a suitable leader during this period and lives in frusteration for her 2years of the beggining of the book.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Outside reading 2 Blog post 1 (The Book thief) 2006)

A. Page 32 Adequate: A requirement for that suits a good enough purpose and space. quote from book "It was supposedly not a basement of adequate depth."

B. Page 41 Spite: A particular instance of such an attitude or action, grude. From book The poverish had a spite time with the wealthy.

For examples of figurative language the book starts with a poet like writing from the mothers side before her death in Germany. " Foot prints were sunkin to their shins. Trees wore blankets of ice." I guess that also showed some personification and goes throughout the book. For imagery example of a German wife "When a woman with an iron fist tells you to get out there and clean the spit off the door, you do it. Especially when the iron's hot." you can really feel the tension of this foster family in the book and how it exaggerates the mood.

Their voices were full of song, culminating in a roaring rendition of Germany over everything. On page 62. That Germany was uniting into facism of power showing off to Jesse Owens in the olympics.

For my sentence I would say "We are viewers of history as we watch everything change pass us." Since this book takes place of a 10 yr old girl who watches all these horrible changes