Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 3 (The Book Thief)

Temptation: Act of tempting enticement or allurement. (on page 192) "The family watched each other. There was a great temptation to scatter into the other rooms, but apprehension is the strangest thing they couldn't move."

Iridescent: Varying in color when seen in lights or different angles. Having a display of lutrous rainbow colors. (on page 199) "The surprising point to make is that is that despite this iridescent fear glowing as it did in the dark, they somehow resisted the urge for hysteria."

-"Between the hand looking holding shadows, the painted words were scattered about, perched on their shoulders, resting on their heads, and hanging from their arms." This is an example of a Metaphor since shows term to show resemblence.

-"The reply floated out from his mouth, then molded itself like a stain to the ceiling." This uses a tone of irony of negative side echoing and a metaphor like sentence.

-"Outside, a mountain of cold November air was waiting at the front door each time Liesel left the house." Shows some form Personification of a breeze having human patience and gestures.

Quote that could describe the book "I'm sorry, there was a constant urge to speak both expressions, spurred on by the affliction of guilt" because, during imperial Germany being a jew or associated with one of them was tough and living in there was stressful. Which in the book jewish literature is burn down and cant be preserved and all of them have to be in intermant camps. This family have to keep quite about helping jews or they will be imprisoned.