Friday, November 30, 2007

Why are there debates?

There are many debates in the world where we have to argue one believe or suggestion against a opposing arguer. To prove there point a person wants to point out a believe or a answer of some sort but, an opposer from the majority of the populace disagrees. Whether this society should support this person's or group person belief, a represent gets in a verbal disscussion with the opposing arguer to prove there point and hopefully ones opinion could get more of the majority of agreements to them proven. Their are many debates in the world such as Evolution theory in schools, Cloning, Abortion, after school prayer, right to die, Global warming issues, Animal rights, Harry potter Books, and many more out there I can list. I would say a debate is structured social argument that two opposing sides can take place in court or law room thinking of the legislative branch. Most debates are believed to be fought because, another opinion is out ruling out the populace and believing it. Kinda like Evolution theory or Religous belief of human creation. This problem has kids growing confused with "Was it a this the humans came to the earth or did we evolve over time." We ask each side is this a Fact, Theory, or belief. We decide which one will rule one out of each person support belief. like "We can have a scientific belief and teach a religon belief and teach them in school." Sometimes debates arguments could resolve peacefully in a conjoined answer. But not every winning debate case is a winner, over past years debates have been made and years later some people go against them. I think debates are good in some ways that we could have one thing or another.

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