Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 2 (The Book Thief 2006)

This book is very interesting, wonderful and astonishing in my views. This story reflects a similar to a persons view in history as if it is real. The Book Thief deals with a 10 year old girl that gets adopted by a foster family, the Hubermans in early nazi germany during the 1930's. Liesel which is the main character is pale, skinny and torn apart from facist Germany cruel hateful politics towards ethnic race, religon and superiority to other races. The foster family she resides with her new father Hanns Huberman and her mother Rosa Huberman is a poor family that have two older children that went to invasion of Stalingrad and worked in war factories to support there empire. A family suffering from depression of fear towards the Jewish, people who support them and communists from being obliterated from the earth. Hanns Huberman a polite old man who was suppose to be in the nazi party refused to join since he didn't hated any jews and loves the accordian. Thens there is his wife Rosa Huberman a woman who is high temper and bonks Liesel with a spoon repeatedly but very loved by Liesel. Reminds of Ray's mom from Everybody loves Raymond. Liesel story begins as she goes to school and being able not to read at all nor not that healthy. Since her family is very poor to afford books as gifts, she has an obbsession of noticing every word she hears from peoples conversations and very fond to words and collecting books. A lack of fitting in, her father Hanns who cannot even read much learns how to read with her every night then thats how Liesel is also called the Book thief from the authors writing sometimes studies the changing curve of Germany and gets involves in hating the Fuhrer Hitler. She shows her thoughts how Hitler is more cruel than a suitable leader during this period and lives in frusteration for her 2years of the beggining of the book.

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