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Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 14 (The Book Thief)

Anguished(pg:425): Angonizing physical or mental pain, feeling or showing accompanied by anguished.

Temptation(pg:449):The act of tempting, enticing or allurement.

"A briefcase filled with food is more like a mountain of food given to them." A simile sentence using like comparison. "They stood in the doorway, the light punished their eyes." an example of imagery and almost personification of over exaggeration of light punishing something. "The sky was white but deterioating fast. As always, it was becoming a enormous drop sheet." That show imagery, discribing the clouds in the sky.

"Another warm day, another beautiful day for a parade." I like this sentence alot because, it means don't take advantage of life, cherish it since most people in places such as america is very fortunate then others. During air raids everything is mostly is lost and everyone have themselves to comfort each other.

My quote on theme of book. "We are viewers of the world, many changes happen but we don't know." For hundreds of event happen everyday in our lifetime and its like were watching history and were growing up with it.

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 13 (The Book thief)

To the author, It has been quite awhile since this story doesn't keep recorded of time or dates onto the storyline during WWII is hapening. The book refers to birthdays or age discriptions as you can guess what age or years has passed in the book. Which I like alot since theirs a hint a couple of chapters to guess how many years or months have gone by. During time is going by, the jewish character running away in hiding has been inside the basement for over a year. You don't show much things happening there in his appearence in hiding to his health or mental status. Inside a basement over a year straight seems kind of risky and kind of impossible to most people. Sometimes you think he'd probally dead in some chapters since theres a side story of Liesel interaction with her family and the outside world and some chapters mentions max for a period of time.

This book has it's own significants of many historical events as it dates by, Friendship, family, WWII, Holocaust and growing up as a girl. Since this book has many plots with it's theme it makes many moods too. I like how you put each chapters into a different situation as it reflects the hubermans reactions. This book doesn't follow one strict plot as many side stories come along and plays a short story either to lighten the mood up. Which sometimes gives the reader another reason to read this book, since you put like a epic tv series.

In my opinion its a good book you have written, that each chapter is different and I can learn alot of new things in every chapter. Instead of most books that keep on following its same branch over and over again can get very frusterating.

Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 12 (The Book Thief)

Fatigued(pg:333): weariness or mental extersion, a decrease signs of internal working organs and becoming very tired or weak.

Frantically(pg:337): Filled with excitement or filled with with shocked, eager, dramatic emotions.

During a soccer game in a shelter " Their heartbeats fought with each other,a mess of rhythm." that is an example of a metaphor, imagery and personification. Since it shows an image of a heart in a battle and something that is most likely not able to happen. "She walked outside holding her arm like a briefcase as she stared into the distance silenced." That is a simile comparing her arm like a briefcase. "Sirens burst screaming as nearly it was too late since the sound had came to the them as a vrooommm sound of screaming metal above." That kinda showed an onomonopeia for the noise discription.

"I guess im better at leaving things then behind than stealing them." This sentence is significant because, it shows that stealing isn't also great and it causes more problems later on. That they should forget it and work for there own.

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 11 (The book Thief)

Paradox(pg:316): A statement or proposition thats similar to be absurd or self contradictiory but, in reality expresses the possible truth.

Irreparable(pg:320): Impossible to repair, nothing could be done be fix it. non to be remided or forge into it's normal purpose.

"Feathers turned to twigs again. Smooth face turned to rough." This sentence uses a sence of imagery of formation over time. "All the kids walked home, leaving the ball twitching on the cold." This makes an object seems more human by refering it twitching on the ground and the response of that is personification like sentence. "Liesel walk into the basement with cold hands as if she is holding a snowman into her hands." It seems to be more metaphor like since that is most likely to happen into real life also a simile as her hands is cold as if she holding a snowman.

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Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 10 ( The Book Thief)

Every once in a while there's something about the title that truly shows it in the book. That Kids of Liesel neighborhood goes on stealing raids once in awhile. That she goes out with a group of boys to obtain mostly food but coincidentaly she gets attracted to a book thats seems very valuable to her and a collectable of history since things such as Jewish literature or Books written by Jews were being burnt down at stakes. That I see Liesel as a book preservater as she actually kind of saving history fictionally by storing all these books in a treasure stash in her house. I like how the author puts thievery into Liesel as saving Jewish information from the holocaustic times as Germany continues to deplete everything that once was theres and seperates them. Everytime in a raid the author calls her just the "Book thief" in a third person kind of typing. Pg: 288 "The boys look at Liesel for cooperation, The book thief sighed then smiled we should go steal from Frau Daush." Which this example makes Liesel sound very changing sometimes since she is no ordinary girl. There cunning tactics require them not to provoke cops, disrupt there youth rankings and not to attracts suspicion.

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 9 (The Book Thief)

Admonished(pg:290): To reprove gently but earnestly, To remind of something forgotten or disregarded

Inconspicuous(pg:293): Not readily noticeable or just invisible.

"Liesel kissed Rudy steiner, what was she thinking?! The whole world was in his hand." Which is a metaphor for the whole world was in his hand. Like the setting is doing some unrelated action in his mind. "They crept forward leaning down on the hard wooden floor as the floor creaked like a small toad, krruuu kee..." That is an Onomonopeia example of hearing sound written down in a book. "Rudy had lost his dealings with Viktor, He was shirtless and covered in Manure. He had smelled like dog crap." This is a simile that the kids watches Rudy's odor as they were pushed in Cow filth.

" We have to steal something, I need a win Liesel" This is significant to me because, some kids see Liesel as kind of queen of stealing sometimes or kind of like a boy to himmel street.

"Thievery truely comes from the ones in most need." for a theme of the Book Thief since kids grow up stealing only because they have too not because they want too. That they strive to work together to obtain food and form gangs.

Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 8 (The Book Thief)

In this book during the World war II Germany, children seem to have to high attendancing of schooling and have to participate into youth programs given to them. That the Fuhrer Hitler is raising children to think what he wants to think and be faithfull to him. Is not really a great person to the children of Himmel street where Liesel is growing up in. Kids in the Himmel street are known for there rebellious attitude in Germany for things like Liesel always draws pictures as Max being her super hero by saving everyone from Hitler puting every Jewish person into painfull camps. From pages 267 "Liesel dreamed of Max rising up to battle with hitler struggling to fight back but Max over powers him." I see this book really similar Towards How to kill a mockingbird when Racism, crime were big during in the south and Liesel is kind of sometimes rough like the mockingbird Character Scout. That they learn stuff about racism towards different minorities to them and it's kind of reflected towards Liesel too. That people don't really get along of Hanns Hubermann Liesel's father; that failed to join the Nazi party and grew up being with jews and doesn't want Germany to change. I think Markus Zusak the author of The Book Thief wrote a book kind of similar to Mocking bird but way better in my opinion. You can really see whats changing over Germany social power and the people of it and every chapter have more moral values.

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 7 (The Book Thief)

Peculiar(pg:270): Unusual or Eccentric, unique, bizarre or special belonging to one person. ("There was a peculiar look on Contentment on Rudy's face.")

Contentment(Pg:270): the state of being contented; satisfaction or ease of mind

"Papa hadn't shaved for a few days and he rubbed the scratchy cat whiskers every two or three minutes." I think this sentence shows a bit personification discribing the father like a cat. Or "She sprayed the words right in front of her eyes" sounded like a metaphorical sentence since it takes one meaning and its representing another meaning that doesnt abnormality happens. From this one The New Arthurberg chapter its starts out like "He had windy hair and cloudy eyes, and he was the kind of deliquent." It kinds of shows imagery on how this boy looks and gives him some metaphor tone with the comparison.

"As temptation rose and her words were sealed, Molching was in a jar." pg:268 This quote is significant because, what you can say to someone could put you in a tight spot or have different outlooks on you. That if you don't have anything good to say don't say it. Especially in WWII times in the German empire.

I'd say "Keep holding onto hope as its immortal" that there always hope for these children in the town of Molching and kids of the himmel neighborhood. That fear and wars would one day end. Since Hitler put all these kids into high hopes of attendence which drive the children to be scared of being rebellious or defualted.

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 6 (The Book Thief)

Page:248- It seems like the author makes a friendship story or maybe a love story as the author kinda depicts Liesel as the book progress as she ages about almost every chapter. As she reaches into her early teen years and becomes really fond Max another man that kinda same the same story which is a tall fighter like man that's probally in his 20's. I think the father Hanns Hubermann should be kinda of aware of his adopted daughter talking to man he hiding from the nazi's so that it won't compromise their security. Page 248 examples of her falling in love. "Where Hans Hubermann and Erik Vandenburg were ultimately united by music, Max and Liesel held together by the quiet gathering of words." "They would sit and read. At times she would watch him." Which these sentences show how close they are, since she was promised that she and her father would learn how to read but, Max is doing more of the reading activity than Hanns and they spend time drawing the basement together. Not to criticize the author but, doesn't he think that age differences and the close relationship might not be not suitable for younger readers than myself? Though it does bring alot of suspense to the story. Since Liesel brother and sister that is out for the war are actually true nazi's and protecting a jewish in their houselhold can get them all killed. The book thief title seems not really suitable for a title but more seems of a book about promise. Since this book has many themes other than theft.

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 5 (The Book Thief)

Mangled(pg247): Injured severly, Disfigured, or Multilate by crushing, cutting or slashing. ("Before reaching in and taking the mangle newspaper")

Hoisting(pg250): To raise or lift up as of mechanical assistance were helping. ("He started with push ups, lying stomach-down on the cool basement floor, then hoisting himself up.")

"Liesel discribed the sky to Max, There is this long cloud stecthed like a rope and the sun looked like it was in a hole." This is an example of a simile for the uses like or as. When Liesel uses words to compare them to a rope. "She merely retreated backward, into the ugly air of her beautiful house." This shows some imagery of one of the characters hiding into the shadow after an argument that created this dark air they discribed on how ugly it is. Hein Hermann was beaten by the cruelty of words as she stood quietly in front of the house which came from same paragraph as the imagery one. This shows some metaphor like example of words as being cruel or beating someone.

Page:249 When Max drew pictures in the basement he said and drew down "It was a monday, and they walked on a tightrope to the sun." To me it kinda shows kind of a playful mood to him and Liesel as he refers they on the tightrope. As they communicate more and their friendship builds up. You can tell by seeing sentences in the book like " As Rosa usually bring the bread crusts downstairs on occasion it was mostly Liesel most of the time as she smiled at him, then Max became interested in life again as days of hiding concealed him." It's almost like he's in love with her.

"Friendship can be built strong as a rope wraps one and another." Which I kinda discribe the friendship of Liesel and Max. As she only have a few friends and there both really poor like there a strand of string. But, if they could have hope and help each others friends can really make you stronger as if you combine strings into a rope.

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Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 4 (The Book thief)

Pg: 208 Character Max Vandenburg "There was a constant urge to speak both expressions, spurred by the affliction of guilt." I picked out this quote due to the theme in book on a jewish point of view hiding in the protagonist basement in the start of the rising action of the book. Being afraid in enemy territory creates a frightening image of a person trying to hide from nazi soldiers and being guilty of being a race that makes the citizens very afraid of him.

My character Liesel Meminger is living with this man to keep him safe. I believe the author put a person who is on the opposing force live with Liesel to make the author think what would her reaction would be. As she gets along with Max she learns from his point of view. She feels pretty bad for his betrayal by the nazis' as he grew getting bet on for his fist fights with people and his family forced to be cast away into labor camps. As Liesel in the book already hated the Empire she lives in as she was kind of the same as he was. Since she was left on Hans Hubermans front door as her mom was taken away. The author shows the reader on not to be biased or discrimitive to people just because, what the major majority of the population would say. But, then again Max's story is that he was always a poor fighter at birth and he thought to be very scary tall and known to injure people. Liesel see's him more of a gentle man who doesn't want to hurt her or not to be a killer, he is very gentle and kind to them. As the author shows very strong discription of Max being fierce but show his true emotions as he meets other people as a friendly person. This kinda shows not to judge a book by it's covers.