Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 10 ( The Book Thief)

Every once in a while there's something about the title that truly shows it in the book. That Kids of Liesel neighborhood goes on stealing raids once in awhile. That she goes out with a group of boys to obtain mostly food but coincidentaly she gets attracted to a book thats seems very valuable to her and a collectable of history since things such as Jewish literature or Books written by Jews were being burnt down at stakes. That I see Liesel as a book preservater as she actually kind of saving history fictionally by storing all these books in a treasure stash in her house. I like how the author puts thievery into Liesel as saving Jewish information from the holocaustic times as Germany continues to deplete everything that once was theres and seperates them. Everytime in a raid the author calls her just the "Book thief" in a third person kind of typing. Pg: 288 "The boys look at Liesel for cooperation, The book thief sighed then smiled we should go steal from Frau Daush." Which this example makes Liesel sound very changing sometimes since she is no ordinary girl. There cunning tactics require them not to provoke cops, disrupt there youth rankings and not to attracts suspicion.

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