Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 6 (The Book Thief)

Page:248- It seems like the author makes a friendship story or maybe a love story as the author kinda depicts Liesel as the book progress as she ages about almost every chapter. As she reaches into her early teen years and becomes really fond Max another man that kinda same the same story which is a tall fighter like man that's probally in his 20's. I think the father Hanns Hubermann should be kinda of aware of his adopted daughter talking to man he hiding from the nazi's so that it won't compromise their security. Page 248 examples of her falling in love. "Where Hans Hubermann and Erik Vandenburg were ultimately united by music, Max and Liesel held together by the quiet gathering of words." "They would sit and read. At times she would watch him." Which these sentences show how close they are, since she was promised that she and her father would learn how to read but, Max is doing more of the reading activity than Hanns and they spend time drawing the basement together. Not to criticize the author but, doesn't he think that age differences and the close relationship might not be not suitable for younger readers than myself? Though it does bring alot of suspense to the story. Since Liesel brother and sister that is out for the war are actually true nazi's and protecting a jewish in their houselhold can get them all killed. The book thief title seems not really suitable for a title but more seems of a book about promise. Since this book has many themes other than theft.

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