Monday, January 21, 2008

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 13 (The Book thief)

To the author, It has been quite awhile since this story doesn't keep recorded of time or dates onto the storyline during WWII is hapening. The book refers to birthdays or age discriptions as you can guess what age or years has passed in the book. Which I like alot since theirs a hint a couple of chapters to guess how many years or months have gone by. During time is going by, the jewish character running away in hiding has been inside the basement for over a year. You don't show much things happening there in his appearence in hiding to his health or mental status. Inside a basement over a year straight seems kind of risky and kind of impossible to most people. Sometimes you think he'd probally dead in some chapters since theres a side story of Liesel interaction with her family and the outside world and some chapters mentions max for a period of time.

This book has it's own significants of many historical events as it dates by, Friendship, family, WWII, Holocaust and growing up as a girl. Since this book has many plots with it's theme it makes many moods too. I like how you put each chapters into a different situation as it reflects the hubermans reactions. This book doesn't follow one strict plot as many side stories come along and plays a short story either to lighten the mood up. Which sometimes gives the reader another reason to read this book, since you put like a epic tv series.

In my opinion its a good book you have written, that each chapter is different and I can learn alot of new things in every chapter. Instead of most books that keep on following its same branch over and over again can get very frusterating.

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