Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book 2 Blogpost 5 (The Book Thief)

Mangled(pg247): Injured severly, Disfigured, or Multilate by crushing, cutting or slashing. ("Before reaching in and taking the mangle newspaper")

Hoisting(pg250): To raise or lift up as of mechanical assistance were helping. ("He started with push ups, lying stomach-down on the cool basement floor, then hoisting himself up.")

"Liesel discribed the sky to Max, There is this long cloud stecthed like a rope and the sun looked like it was in a hole." This is an example of a simile for the uses like or as. When Liesel uses words to compare them to a rope. "She merely retreated backward, into the ugly air of her beautiful house." This shows some imagery of one of the characters hiding into the shadow after an argument that created this dark air they discribed on how ugly it is. Hein Hermann was beaten by the cruelty of words as she stood quietly in front of the house which came from same paragraph as the imagery one. This shows some metaphor like example of words as being cruel or beating someone.

Page:249 When Max drew pictures in the basement he said and drew down "It was a monday, and they walked on a tightrope to the sun." To me it kinda shows kind of a playful mood to him and Liesel as he refers they on the tightrope. As they communicate more and their friendship builds up. You can tell by seeing sentences in the book like " As Rosa usually bring the bread crusts downstairs on occasion it was mostly Liesel most of the time as she smiled at him, then Max became interested in life again as days of hiding concealed him." It's almost like he's in love with her.

"Friendship can be built strong as a rope wraps one and another." Which I kinda discribe the friendship of Liesel and Max. As she only have a few friends and there both really poor like there a strand of string. But, if they could have hope and help each others friends can really make you stronger as if you combine strings into a rope.

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