Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book 2 Blog post 8 (The Book Thief)

In this book during the World war II Germany, children seem to have to high attendancing of schooling and have to participate into youth programs given to them. That the Fuhrer Hitler is raising children to think what he wants to think and be faithfull to him. Is not really a great person to the children of Himmel street where Liesel is growing up in. Kids in the Himmel street are known for there rebellious attitude in Germany for things like Liesel always draws pictures as Max being her super hero by saving everyone from Hitler puting every Jewish person into painfull camps. From pages 267 "Liesel dreamed of Max rising up to battle with hitler struggling to fight back but Max over powers him." I see this book really similar Towards How to kill a mockingbird when Racism, crime were big during in the south and Liesel is kind of sometimes rough like the mockingbird Character Scout. That they learn stuff about racism towards different minorities to them and it's kind of reflected towards Liesel too. That people don't really get along of Hanns Hubermann Liesel's father; that failed to join the Nazi party and grew up being with jews and doesn't want Germany to change. I think Markus Zusak the author of The Book Thief wrote a book kind of similar to Mocking bird but way better in my opinion. You can really see whats changing over Germany social power and the people of it and every chapter have more moral values.

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