Monday, January 21, 2008

Outside Reading 2 Blog post 11 (The book Thief)

Paradox(pg:316): A statement or proposition thats similar to be absurd or self contradictiory but, in reality expresses the possible truth.

Irreparable(pg:320): Impossible to repair, nothing could be done be fix it. non to be remided or forge into it's normal purpose.

"Feathers turned to twigs again. Smooth face turned to rough." This sentence uses a sence of imagery of formation over time. "All the kids walked home, leaving the ball twitching on the cold." This makes an object seems more human by refering it twitching on the ground and the response of that is personification like sentence. "Liesel walk into the basement with cold hands as if she is holding a snowman into her hands." It seems to be more metaphor like since that is most likely to happen into real life also a simile as her hands is cold as if she holding a snowman.

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